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The social results were horrible, a large part of the young male population had to leave the village for months. Jobs in the fields remained on women who are headed to the head with a lot of loads; The product received fell, nutritional possibilities weakened. In order to increase the necessities, employment contracts were renewed based on low wages and minimum asset conditions. The collapse of the peasant society has developed with migrant workers to be made to financial and social misery.

(Source: Rudolf Von Albertini, Europaeische Kolonialherrschaft. Die Expansion in Ubersee von 1880-1940. München. 1982, P. 421-433.)

No books written on the criminal history of capitalism can not make the first conquest except Europe starting in the 16th century. The looting and stolen of the resources, the elimination of adverse locals, such as the implementation of the angaryan, are only a few features of this period. The method of clearly looting the richness where the Spanish uses in colonialism was then imitated as a draft. The developing mer-kantilist capitalism brought along a number of trade wars. In these battles, it was basically a violent sharing of resources, ie, the greed that does not recognize the border. This greed was in such a size that there was no crime they had to attract.

The widely presented as “discovery”, the acquisition of non-european resources through violence from the 16th century is considered the beginning of the modern age of industrial capitalism. First of all, it cannot be denied the economic development of Western Europe in the extensive gold and silver reserves in America. The border recognizes greed with commercial capital (vendors and bankers), while working in their field, he was accelerated by the contributions of state actors. Thus they found the possibility of expanding the financial power basics. Therefore, the effectiveness of the capital is blessed and the crimes that have the impact on the mass scale is also made of a legal sheath. The political and economic activities of this period characterized by the crimes of Çermayi as activities that do not care about human rights or human rights. Initially, the precious mines of the United American continent to be unexpected to be large amounts to Western Europe helped the final exit of new sprouted capitalism. The richness over there has also made it possible to spread to the other parts of the world towards other parts of the world.

Colonization of the middle Atlantic archipelago, Azores and Canary Adalities, was launched by Spain and Portugal, which is the States of Iberia and developed in the early 16th century. Here, Spain and Portugal learned successfully to the whole world successfully, the colonialism learned the colonialism: the colonial economy of the sugar cane farming in the Network of the European Economics of the European Economics of the European Economic and the European Economy of the European Economic Areas. It can be said to be in the sample character. The three societal groups were first moved here: as the representative of the monarchy and feudal novelty, the state with the commercial capital of the “main homeland” and the commercial capital with international mobility.

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