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However, in order to understand the interest in the logic of the scares, the FIKIH and Kelam tradition should be briefly addressed.

One of Islam has two aspects of the other on the other. With the statements of the philosophy, we can say that Islam’s evil and amreasant or dimension. Here are two science that examines problems and solutions for these two directions or areas. These are the examination of the religion of the Nazari direction of Kelam, the Ameli direction is the FIKIH. In fact, this distinction expressed by philosophy’s statements is expressed with books and wisdom lafs in a Court. Thereas, Kelam schools also express the same separation with their own statements. For example, this discrimination is expressed in the form of mind-fibling in religious and equitations in the state of the statement in the statement in the statement of the statement in the statement. In fact, the Hikmet-Sharia statements in the Faslu’lmakal of IBN Rüşd are another statement of the same distinction. The essence of Kelamists and Fakihs in the form of two areas of the religious thinking of the religious thinking of Kelam and the FIKH were divided into the form of Hadiths and Fakihs in the form of Ehli Hadith or Evilar and the Evli Rey or Evili Evayar. Ehli hadith or ehli work, in the religion, so they adopted only the Quran and the Prophet with the words of the Prophet, in other words, in other words, as the method of setting up the book and Sunnah, never to reveal and comment on this regard with the idea of ​​man. They have not accepted that it is necessary to use the mind on topics. However, the Cut in the Kelam, the Evilar, the Cut as a FIKIHTA eHli Rey has agreed to use the problems and circumcision as well as a method in solving the problems encountered in both areas and circumcision. Nahiv-logic discussions that are mentioned above as they use the grammar (NaHiv) as a method of HiLi Rey, as the method, are the controversy related nahiv-logic discussions. In the first periods, there are an allies in Hadith and Shari Rey in the development of negative attitude against logic. Because the logic of their evil is the grammar of the Greek. However, the language of the book and the circumcision is Arabic not Greek. Therefore, there is no place in the manner of making a book and the Sunnaket or in making the Jewish Kelam and the fiqh. They also criticized the Evili Hadith or Eser, FIKIH and Kelam in the Ehli Rey and the Evili. The Eyli Rey and the Evili evil eye are representing the proof style they are named. Generally, SHELLI REY, to make proof, the ECCIAd, the Evil eye of the Evilar, use the annesting statements. This proof is a vertical, figoh in the sense that the appearance of an ala’l-Gay, expressed an example for the appearance of an ala’l-Gayb, is an exemplary solution to a tikel, and the sample of the Tikel is a horizontal provision in terms of sample. Both of the logicists are not someone else from the sample they say. Sherry ‘has been the Indulus Ibn Hazed (994-1064) that has come from the same tradition that is not sufficient for the representation of the representation of the representation. In order to understand the IBN HZM books and the Sunnaket, shortly suggest that the logic for Kelam and FIKI was required, and the water has written Et-Takrîb Li Haddi’l-Logic.

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