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In recent years, this group had been a structuring that has become political discourses and becomes an open crime organization. He would focus on diamond smuggling to fulfill the demands of South African firms. Between 1994-2001, it is reported that a $ 3 billion traffic is concerned.

Under the influence of the long civil war, the old salvation movement also had a change as understanding. Socialist ideals have replaced by slogans to market economy. The government and senior executives at the party were an autocratic tarza. Since this style was providing a significant profit from oil job (President Dos Santos only provided a personal gain of $ 700 million because of the concessions) of the US was a chance to come together with its senior politicians. For example, the Vice President Cheney was a militant supporter of Sawimbi, while the President of Angola, the President of Angola, the Cheney’s firms were of course, for the construction of the previous security service company with the Angola army, the Angola Army. The US President Bush would choose between the closest group of friends of Texas petroleum industry. At the same time, the angolan had to assist in their private work. The receipt of President Dos San- Tos was the frequent visits to Washington in which he was guested in the White House. In the end, the US President would be very good friends with one of the head actors of the Angola Gate scandal.

The President of Angola continued to closely relations with French colleague chirac. The privileges of the French State Company to Elf are also required by these close relations.

Angola people continue to remain far away from these developments. But mass poverty continues to be experienced in a profit and well-being of power.

“Militarism manages Europe and ingests. But the militarism also carries the kernels of its own collapse “Friederich Engelri-Duhring (Anti-Duhring, P. 158,) comment. The results of the industrial revolution are the results of the industrial revolution: technical innovations were also possible to make effective rise in efficiency and combat products. Opponents could be defeated to a greater extent thanks to the mortal machinery of the industry. Armament “The product of the product has shown the effects of different possibilities in terms of bribery. In the Victorian Age, where hard competition conditions, the large powers of armament vehicles were a very special possibility to achieve success without the support of others. A portion of large demands for a small amount of customer (typical of the weapons industry), in Germany, CRupp, England Vicker and France caused the gigantic armament competitors such as Schneider-Creusot in the UK. Thus, gun firms were the premises of the overall mobilization. Of course, the monopolies of armament are decomposed in the context of the special relationship they established from other large firms. For this reason, they played a role in 1929 different from all other companies during the great economic crisis “(Hallgarten, Wettrument, P.13).

The militarization of the capitalist economic system, the paid operation was presented by the public to be produced in the production of weapons.

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