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Such as a pulse of publication was achieved by Ford in 1926 with the expulsion of 5 business days. Another incident offered as a social point of development appeared to be a more deceptive packaging. Because Ford staff still works for 5 days, but of course, it was a secret form of short work that was charged for the work time only really works. The only one of the cars that Ford has been dramatically broken. After a while, the firm management revealed that the regulations of the bands are required to re-preparation according to a new passenger car. The workers that started again were expecting a bad surprise; a lower fee rather than the previous wages. They were also counting the element of the business as the trunk staff. The worst is the fact that older workers were faced with the new arrangement.

The wages in Ford in the middle of the 20s were under the level of industrial fee. Former employees, Ford factories, the workers were more exploited than other places and complained that this situation was manipulated. The operating medium was odd as those taking place. It was forbidden to talk to the bands, it was an unwanted situation. The workers were secretly with the “Ford whisper” and carrying a frozen facial expression. The company owner on this issue “There isn’t much personal relationship. Men do their jobs and go home. A factory is not a living room, “he said.

In the first heads, the fare and social policy of praised as progressively started to be taken care of. The bands were suddenly accelerated to maintain production output with the start of 5 working days of work. Psychologically Exhausted Workers, Negaries sees and waking up shivering. The prohibition of conversation at work was also prevented the conversations for union organization. The average 800 detective were observing for disciplinary violations and syndicated infiltration trials. Ford was resisting automobile workers against legal issues such as the demand of the unions. It was moving by using a tactical measures imported from -avruper against a seating action (Gerd Raeithel, Geschichte der Nordamerikanischen Kultur, P. 3623).

In 1929, the US financial markets were exploded. In general, the world economy was introduced in a vortex caused by industrial power in that period. The demand for durable consumer goods fell quickly. Even in this case, Henry Ford was still striving for the image of the sample company manager. The country has gave adverts to all newspapers; In this postings, Ford Motor Company has a great confidence in the future of the United States; In their workplaces, the minimum wage was written to be increased to $ 7 daily. Again was successful with this job. When the remainder of the remaining 16 years of prosperity is presented and closely, the prices of the cars that need to bring the real wage increase in a 3-year increase, while the minimum wage was $ 5 in Ford and very few people had the attention.

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